Tricord has developed a number of specific mailing solutions for certain market sectors.

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It is no longer possible to ignore trading online

It worries a lot of people and yet many people come to us after they have invested heavily in a lovely looking website without even considering how they intend to capture orders securely and process them.

Whether you have a site already or not we can help. Offering either a full ecommerce site or a secure basket and checkout bolted onto your own, we have a solution for all situations.

Our sites are all data driven so when we add an image to the product it appears automatically online and so do resources, text, related products, accessories and consumables. Clean style sheets ensure that your products are easy to find, well displayed, comprehensively described and simple to buy.

Loyalty Plus

Where a retail Client has their own database linked to their Epos system we have developed a unique and very effective voucher mail pack for a brand loyalty scheme. We offer a range of perforated vouchers all personalised and barcoded that will scan at the tills.

Results with current Clients show almost 40% response rates from this solution.

Retail Gold

Where a retailer is operating a less sophisticated till system we can provide loyalty cards for the counter use which will come back to us to data capture and mail.

The one piece mailer is usually an A5 postcard or A4 folded and tabbed rendering it a very cost effective method of driving footfall in the Client's stores.

For any membership organisation or one that awards qualifications we have developed an end-to-end solution for their membership card, card of authority or certificate.

We provide a login for them to upload their data file which can be proofed and approved before it goes live in our system. Our solution can email the recipient so that they know that their record is being processed and then despatched. For one Client awarding qualifications we actually email the recipient's employer.

The format and styles of both cards and certificates will vary tremendously but we will strive to make yours appropriate and within your budget. By processing Client files as frequently as possible it improves the experience of their customer - a big focus of staff here at Tricord.