Tricord are a safe pair of hands.

We will protect and enhance your brand, reduce your costs and add value to your processes.

Established in 1997 we have a very experienced workforce and enjoy a growing list of satisfied clients across a range of market sectors. We believe in looking beyond simply 'getting it in the box or envelope and despatched', constantly looking at how can it be done better, cheaper and more effectively.

We have been trusted with some very large and sensitive jobs, including the distribution of £230M of cheques.

Running a suite of secure servers both on our own premises and in a secure hosted environment provides confidence in the face of the unexpected. Downtime in the last three years is less than 0.04%.

We work closely with a range of specialists in developing unique partnerships to benefit our Clients.


Greenbox is an order processing, fulfilment and customer management system built to the individual needs of Tricord.

Unique in this sector Greenbox runs in a web browser which is a testament to how far web technologies have progressed. It performs as well or better than desktop software but offers many additional benefits such as excellent remote working capabilities and all the advantages of modern multi tabbed browsers.

Our Greenbox infrastructure is very powerful, flexible and efficient. Built to our own specifications we control how it operates giving us the ability to meet any and all the needs of our Clients. Click here to see the full feature set that we can place at your disposal.